There are many scholarships alternatives to student loans.

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Alternatives to Student Loans

Bursaries ・This is a monetary value award that is given to a student on the basis of demonstrated financial need and acceptable academic standing. This is also non-repayable. All UK universities carry a bursary so ask for more information at the institution you plan on studying.
Higher education grants ・Students can find out if they're eligible for grants by filling out the PN1 form, which you can get from your Local Education Authority (LEA). The information you provide will be instrumental in deciding whether you need help paying fees and which grants are available. To be eligible for a full grant (£1,000), your household income has to be below £15, 580. If your household income is between £16,000 and £21, 565, you'll receive between £50 and £933 yearly. If your income is above these figures, you won't be eligible to receive a grant. Grants do not need to be repaid.

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